Divorce Agreements – Common Mistakes – Part 2

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Choosing an aggressive lawyer

You should choose a professional and specialized (non-aggressive) lawyer at the same time, because choosing an aggressive lawyer to represent you in the negotiation stage with the other party or in the divorce settlement stage, may put you into a harsh and exhausting spiral throughout your personal life.

As some lawyers resort to missing an opportunity for their clients for a fair settlement with the other party, as the failure of the settlement may mean for some of them entering into a series of litigation procedures which will bring the lawyer a lot of money later.

Therefore, beware of choosing an aggressive lawyer who suggests hostile thoughts against (your husband\wife), which will cost you a lot of money, as the increase in litigation hours and also in cases filed between you and the other party means more professional fees for your lawyer, as well as missing an opportunity for family stability.

You should know that the first victims of family conflicts may be children. Therefore, settlement may be a golden opportunity for everyone. Do not let your lawyer be the reason for losing it.